strategic planning

Strategic Planning

WI can work with you to define the overall direction in an organization, evaluate existing model and plan ongoing improvements. WI can help set your organizational strategy to improve productivity, focus on business critical issues ensuring you minimize your risk, time and costs. We will ensure that you retain your credibility and your existing customers. More importantly, we can identify the opportunities that can help you satisfy millions more.

  1. Auditing, taxation and maintaining accounts
  2. Consulting for funding requirements through venture capitalist, banks and NBFC
  3. The exposure to failure (risk) that the business chooses to assumes.
  4. Verifying requirements and assumptions from business units.
  5. WI allows you to introduce and measures process improvement and define a consist approach across your enterprises.
  6. Business Strategy
  7. Organizational Restructuring
  8. Marketing strategy
  9. Market research and customer satisfaction surveys
  10. Employee satisfaction surveys
  11. Logistics & Supply chain Management
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Strategic Planning

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